About us

Everyone together for a big and true family”

This motto of the Rotarian year 2007/2008 fully defines what we have lived on the 16th of November 2007, the chart of the new Rotary Club Cetatuie.

It is an important year, it is also important to us to be a part of the big Rotary International family. We are the fourth club established in Cluj after Rotary Cluj 1944, Rotary Parc 2001 and Rotary Samus 2002, we also mention here the establishment for the first time in Romania, also in Cluj, of the clubs Rotaract 1994 and Inner Wheel 2002.

We live in Cluj, a city which doesn’t forget its prestigious name conferred by the 16th century, that is “Transilvaniae Civitas Primaria”, “The Treasure City”, where the craftsmen were raising brick and stone buildings in Renaissance style, where gymnasiums and a first university with three faculties existed.

We remember today this good name of our town with the good will to take it further into the future and with the faith of being worthy citizens, following Paul Harris’s thought, the founder of the Rotary club more than a century ago:
“I believe that nearly all of the members of every Rotary Club in existence would readily fall into one or other of three classes. First: Those who believe with Mr. Ethical Standard that business should have no part in the club life of Rotary. Second: Those who believe with Mr. Cash Discount that business should constitute the entire club life of Rotary. Third: Those who believe with Mr. Altruistic Equilibrium that life in Rotary should consist of a rational mixture of business with civic activities and good fellowship.
Perhaps near one or the other of these viewpoints lies that which shall generally be accepted as true Rotarian philosophy, understood and respected by Rotarian and non-Rotarian alike. If Rotarianism cannot stand the test of trial before a jury comprised of the entire American people, then it lacks rationality and should be changed… Let us be in position to defend ourselves in the event that Rotary undergoes trial, not by stentorian shouting of meaningless words, but by logic that convinces… It we put Rotary on the difficulty in obtaining witnesses the day our case is set. A grave responsibility lies on your shoulders and mine, and let us for a moment hark back to the monoverbal text of the first preceding pages: “Toleration”, then devote ourselves first to serious thought; second, to expression thereof. Rotary is a huge, powerful machine. Unguided, it could thrash down the aisles of time, a menace to all mankind. Well directed, it will become a humanising instrumentality of which we need not be ashamed. With the realization of power come men’s greatest temptations and in their subjugation the greatest and most lasting satisfaction”.

Principiul fundamental al miscarii Rotariene este “A servi mai presus de sine insusi”

Organizația este clădită din lideri, profesioniști cu reputație, persoane de caracter ce provin din comunitațile locale.

În timp, Rotary International s-a extins pe toate continentele astfel încat acum există peste 1.200.000 membrii si peste 33.000 cluburi în peste 200 țări. În anul 1917 se pun bazele Fundației Rotary care are ca scop strângerea de fonduri pentru diverse programe internaționale

Scurt istoric al Rotary International si RC Cluj-Napoca Cetatuie

In urma cu 106 ani, la 23 februarei 1905, avea sa ia nastere in Chicago, Illinois – SUA primul club Rotary, gratie intemeietorului sau avocatul Paul Harris.

RC Cluj-Napoca Cetatuie a fost chartat in data de 16 noiembrie 2007. De atunci a fost implicat in numeroase proiecte caritabile si sociale interne si internationale, in scopul ajutorarii comunitatii locale, precum si in dezvoltarea miscarii rotariene din Districtul 2241 Romania si Republica Moldova.